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Here is what you agree to when you rent from Textbook Brokers:

The Textbook Rental Agreement is between you (the customer) and Textbook Brokers, Inc. The University of Oklahoma is a separate entity that has no obligation to collect funds for non-returned rentals. The customer of record is responsible for the content of this agreement. 

I am responsible for the condition of the materials rented to me and for the payment of fees and replacement costs if rented materials are non-returned, lost, stolen, or returned in unacceptable condition.  Unacceptable conditions include, but are not limited to, WATER DAMAGE, PAGES TORN OUT, MISSING CDS OR OTHER STUDY AIDES.  All rented materials are subject to these conditions, and Textbook Brokers will decide what is or is not acceptable at the time the materials are returned.  If I fail to return the rented materials by the rental return date printed on my receipt, the credit card on file with the bookstore will be charged the replacement costs of the books. Replacement costs can range from the net price to the list price, based on condition of book rented. By submitting email and telephone you are opting-in to receive marketing communications from Textbook Brokers.  You can reply STOP and be taken off the list at any time, however you will cease to receive rental reminders.

I will not cancel or exceed the purchasing limits of the credit or debit card above until the rented textbooks are either returned to Textbook Brokers or the Non-return Fees are paid. If the credit or debit card is declined the patron account will be suspended and sent to a Third Party Collection Agency. I will be responsible for paying all Collection Fees assessed by the Third Party Collection Agency. Textbook Brokers will make reasonable efforts to process transactions in a timely manner. I agree not to hold Textbook Brokers responsible in the event Textbook Brokers does not credit or debit my credit or debit card for a period of time due to circumstances beyond its control. Textbook Brokers makes no guarantees regarding the processing time for charges. 
I agree, in order for Textbook Brokers to service my account or to collect any amount I may owe, unless otherwise prohibited by applicable law, Textbook Brokers or a designated Third Party Collection Agency are authorized to  (i) contact me by telephone at the telephone number(s) in the patron contact account information I am providing, including wireless telephone numbers, which could result in charges to me,  (ii) contact me by sending text messages (message and data rates may apply) or emails, using any email address I provide and/or (iii)  methods of contact may include using pre-recorded/artificial voice message and/or use of an automatic dialing device, as applicable. I also agree, if my rental is eligible to be returned to Textbook Brokers, I will still be liable for a service fee assessed by the Third Party Collection Agency.

If I fail to comply with the above points, I understand Textbook Brokers revoke my renting privileges and will flag my account for "no rentals." Any future orders I make with Textbook Brokers, I understand rentals will be changed to purchases by bookstore employees and my order will be processed at the purchase prices instead of the rental prices. 

I have read this disclosure and agree that the Lender/Creditor may contact me as described above.